TrustGroups enable additional control, allowing business’s to dictate who can communicate securely with whom.

TrustGroups enable managing secure communications within an enterprise and across partners.

TrustGroups provide businesses with an additional level of control because they allow administrators to authorize who can speak to whom using their encryption solution. TrustGroups can be created and managed at every level of the organization. Separate TrustGoups can be implemented for single departments such as Executives, Sales, or Finance. Alternatively, a single TrustGroup can be implemented, enabling all members of the organization to communicate with one another.

When a TrustCall user makes an encrypted phone call, TrustCall verifies that both the calling and receiving devices are members of the same TrustGroup before connecting the call.

TrustGroups Features

Administrator-assigned and maintained, TrustGroups are restricted communication hierarchies.

Users may only establish contact with members of their assigned TrustGroups.

Members are assigned to TrustGroups based on business needs.

A TrustGroup securely authenticates and secures a random number exchange for session key derivation.


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