The situation of wiretapping in Vietnam

The software, eavesdropping device, message viewer, remote thief recording … to track other people are trading rampant, public in Vietnam. This invasion of privacy can cause serious, unpredictable consequences
Just go to Google typing the keyword “eavesdropping phone”, dozens of sites buying and selling of these software has emerged. Try contact phanmemtham website … specializing in providing detective services, we were introduced by a man to the most popular phone eavesdropping software today such as Spyphone, Copyphone, PokerSpyphone, Spy Mobile, Mobile Phone Spy .. .

This is the software used to install on mobile phones, collecting all the contents of conversations, messages, emails … on the installed machine to send to people with bad intentions. These software are available for all types of handsets available on the market. The cost of these softwares is only 50-100 USD and can be “used permanently

The installation of the above software is very simple. You only need to access the cell phone to eavesdrop, then visit the site containing this software, enter the code. Software will be downloaded, installed automatically on the cellphone without anyone knowing. It takes less than a few minutes. This software will record the content of calls, messages, emails, call logs, user locations, and pass information on malicious users’ phones via the manufacturer’s own line. . This software can “hide itself” completely, even telecommunication engineers also sleepless.

Eavesdropping software that tracks cell phones acts as spyware on a computer, which is difficult to detect. The software installed after the phone silently recorded calls, messages … and transmitted to a certain address that the bad guys have set easily.
Listen “across the wall”, far over 15 m

Not only software, recently, many telecommunication devices used to track, eavesdropping others are also traded publicly, rampant. It’s easy to use, just buy a cellphone sim inserted in the device, then place it in the area where you need to eavesdrop. When there is an audio signal, the device records and transmits to its cellphone

The standby time of the device is up to 15-20 days with a single charge, which can record up to 5 hours of talk time with clear sound quality and distances over 15 meters. Eavesdropping equipment is only half the size of matchboxes, costing about 1.5-6.5 million depending on type.

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