ProCall Global Service

Cloud-based Secure Call and Text Message Subscription Service


No Capital Expenditures

No Infrastructure or IT Resources Required

Simple to Install, Download and Use

Easily Scales Up or Down

Protect your mobile communications with a secure service for Android and iPhone smartphones

Mobile communications are increasingly vulnerable to interception. The rising number of threat actors, growing attack surface and proliferation of attack vectors pose significant risk to mobile communications.

Leaving cell phone communications at risk is not an option. Data shows that attackers target people and companies of all sizes and across all industries: International business people, high net worth families, government employees, business executives, lawyers, Finance, R&D, and more.


Cloud-based Subscription Service

ProCall Global Service offers a completely hosted and managed cloud-based service, providing end-to-end secure mobile communications including phone calls and text messages. ProCall Global Service is an annual low-cost subscription service enabling secure and private communications without any associated overhead.

ProCall Global Service includes:


The Security of Hardware with the Ease of Software

ProCall Global Service provides the most secure and easy-to-use mobile communications solution for phone calls and text messaging, by combining the security of hardware with the ease of software. ProCall utilizes the native secure elements of mobile phones for authentication and encryption, providing simple to install and easy-to-use mobile communication encryption.

ProCall Global Service is available for download from app stores including iTunes and Google Play. Once downloaded and activated, you can make encrypted phone calls and send encrypted text messages between Android and iPhone phones.

ProCall Global Service includes the following:

Low Cost, Cloud-based Service

Annual subscription model; no capital expenditure, infrastructure or IT requirements.

Cross Platform

ProCall is compatible with Android and iPhone. Encrypted phone calls and text messages can be exchanged between phones.


ProCall Global Service provides FIPS 140-2 validated, end-to-end 256-bit AES encryption, ensuring meaningful communication is only accessible to the initiator and intended recipient and never left unencrypted.

Ease of Use

ProCall Global Service is simple to deploy and use. It is available for download from app stores including iTunes and Google Play. Once the application is downloaded and activation code entered, encrypted phone call and messaging are available for use. No additional hardware is required.

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Secure your phone calls and text messages with ProCall end-to-end encryption.