Encrypted Phone Calls and Messaging

on Android and iPhone


FIPS 140-2 Level 1 Certified Encryption


End-to-End Encryption

Flexible deployment: on-premise or fully hosted

Secure your mobile communications by encrypting phone calls and messaging on Android and iPhone devices.

In today’s highly connected world, where we easily make a phone call or send a message with sensitive business and personal information, it is critical to protect vulnerable mobile communications including phone calls and messages.

ProCall provides security and privacy by encrypting phone calls and messages on Android and iPhone and includes the following:

  • Security
    Based on KoolSpan’s patented TrustChip technology, ProCall provides FIPS 140-2 validated, end-to-end 256-bit AES encryption, ensuring meaningful communication is only accessible to the initiator and intended recipient and never left unencrypted.
  • Cross Platform
    ProCall is compatible with Android and iPhone. Encrypted phone calls and messaging are available on all devices and phone calls and messages can be exchanged between devices.
  • Flexibility
    KoolSpan provides ProCall in Software, TEE and Hardware modes, ensuring optimal security solutions for every phone and business.
  • Ease of Use
    ProCall is simple to deploy and use. It is available for download from app stores including iTunes, and Google Play. Once the application is downloaded and minimal configuration completed, Call is available for use. To make an encrypted phone call or send an encrypted message, simply open the ProCall app and call or send a message.
  • Multiple Deployment Options
    Vinaphone can be deployed as a hosted solution to reduce management and infrastructure costs, or on-premise at the customer to provide complete control by the customer.
  • Compatible with MDM
    ProCall is compatible with Mobile Device Management (MDM) platforms, enabling seamless integration with a business’s existing infrastructure.
  • Business and Personal on Single Phone
    ProCall is supported inside the Samsung Knox workspace, allowing seamless separation between business and personal on a single device.

ProCall Features


Vinaphone provides TrustGroups as a means for providing secure communications exclusively among members of a single group.

A business can be divided into multiple groups, with each ProCall user included in up to 45 groups. A TrustGroup can include an entire organization, or a subset, allowing business to create separate groups for different departments, such as the Executive team, Sales, or Human Resources.

Stun and Destroy

Stun and destroy ensure access to encrypted communications is removed from lost or stolen phones, or from employees no longer with a company.

  • Access to ProCall on any device can be stunned, or temporarily locked to prevent access to secure communications on a lost device.
  • A TrustChip can be permanently destroyed on a stolen or previous employee’s device, thereby disabling ProCall and access to all encrypted phone calls and messages.

ProCall Contacts

ProCall prepopulates a list of contacts that are included in your TrustGroups to enable easily dialing. The ProCall interface includes favorites and call logs to provide easy access to frequent contacts.

Central Management

TrustCenter, implemented together with ProCall provides central management enabling IT to provision keys, users and groups, and configure application settings.

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