Thousands of Vietnamese are monitored by telephone

Wife keeps track of husband and wife controlling their wives, businesses steal rival information easily through phone tracking software.

Rampant mobile services business monitoring

Walking around a lot of sites dealing with phone eavesdropping, business phone monitoring software, everyone can easily find a lot of surveillance and eavesdropping services with all sorts of functions. Prices ranged from several hundred thousand dongs to several million dongs.

Hundreds of models of wiretapping devices with various uses are also on sale.

Besides phone eavesdropping devices, detective services also provide “detective software” that monitors every phone call and message.

Try to investigate the adultery of his lover, I contacted Mr. D, of the company T test (District 1, HCMC).

Representatives of the company said that detective services come in many forms, including the installation of telephone monitoring software. Just five minutes with the phone of the object (of all operating systems from android to IOS …) in hand, we were able to capture all the information call, message … and sent directly to Mail of the followers.

Mr. D confidently asserted “any phone I can do”.

However, to obtain such monitoring software, customers have to spend a non-soft price of 15 million dong per handset. There are other places for $ 20 million / machine.

Hanoi police have concluded that Le Viet Tam (Ha Noi) has set up a mobile tracking software business, setting up accounts for customers to track nearly 1,000 telephone subscribers. Previously, on May 13, 2014, Hanoi police arrested Le Viet Tam who is selling surveillance software phone “mspy”.

Other incident at the end of June 2014, Hanoi Police identified Viet Hong Technology Co., Ltd. trading software Ptracker to monitor other phone subscribers to view messages, contacts, call recording, Phone, video, photography, turn on / off 3G / GPRS …

This behavior has helped Viet Hong Technology Co., Ltd. illegally collected about 1 billion VND with over 14,000 telephone subscribers were eavesdropping.

Incident that will make the software market surveillance software, wiretapping service must stop. However, this market is still growing.

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