Seamless Mobile Communication


Vinaphone’s security and privacy solutions

provide easy-to-use mobile encryption.

Making a Secure, Encrypted Phone Call

Once ProCall is installed on your mobile phone, making a secure, encrypted phone call is as simple as making a regular mobile call.

ProCall members simply open the ProCall app, and tap the contact to call.

The recipient’s phone rings with a ProCall icon displayed on the screen, indicating a secure, encrypted call is coming through. The recipient answers the call by tapping ‘Answer,’ like any other phone call.

Once the call is initiated, the devices transparently authenticate and connect. All voice communication is then encrypted and sent over a secure data channel.

“In 20 years of security, one truism I can share is that, security is only as good as it is easy to use.”

Elad Yoran
Executive Chairman of KoolSpan and CEO of Security Growth Partners (SGP)

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